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Are you tired of the side effects associated with western medicine?

Do you want to explore a gentler process for wellness and recovery?

Visit Traditional Oriental Medicine, Inc. Our Montana natural healing center has some of the area’s best options for herbal medicine. Thanks to our owner and operator’s experience in holistic healing, you’ll be put on a path toward lasting wellness in your mind, body and spirit.

We can help all types of patients in Bozeman, MT

We can help all types of patients in Bozeman, MT

Visit Traditional Oriental Medicine to learn superior healing strategies. We have herbal formulas that can help with a variety of common maladies. You’ll be given the tools you need for:

  • Improving your digestion.
  • Recovering from an acute injury.
  • Alleviating your chronic pain.
  • Managing your stress.
  • Calming your anxiety.
  • Uplifting your depression.
  • Healing your allergies.

Additionally, we’ve had great success in helping people to quit smoking! Call 406-587-1167 to learn more about our unique approach to healing.